From the Portsmouth Herald, August 26, 1905: 



visit To The Great Amoskeag Mills

Lunch Served in Rooms of the Derryfield Club

Most Distinguised Company Gathers Around The Tables



Baron Komura, Secretary Sato, Lieut Comdr. Takashita, Col. Tacibans, and Mr. Konishi of the Japanese peace embassy were royally entertatined in Manchester on Friday.


At the stations along the route, great crowds were gathered, but not many of the curious ones even obtained glimpses of the envoys.


The guests reached Manchester at twenty minutes past ten and their car was detached from the train.  It was then taken by a shifting engine onto the sidetrack of the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company and hauled to the very doors of the company’s great plant.  The party had previously been joined by Gov. McLane.  The envoys stood upon the rear platform of the car.


The tour of inspection of the mills was under the guidance of Agent Herman F. Straw, Supt. Harry E. Parker, Capt. Charles H. Manning, and Supt. Perry H. Dow.


From points of vantage the visitors saw the 7000 employees of the Amoskeag corporation pass out to dinner and Lieut. Comdr. Takashita took a number of pictures with a small pocket kodak.  Here, Senator Henry E. Burnham and Rev. Harry J. Rhodes joined the party.  Mr. Rhodes was for several years a missionary in Japan.  Later, Congressman Cyrus A. Sulloway appeared and the party  was driven to the Derryfield Club for lunch.  Those who sat at the table are named below:  Baron Komura, Secretary Sato, Lieut. Comdr. Takashita, Col. Tachibana, Secretary Konoshi, Gov. John McLane, US Senator Henry E. Burnham, Congressman C. A. Sulloway, Councilor Charles M. Floyd, Agent Herm F. Straw, Supt. Harry E. Parker, Supt. W. Parker Straw, Perry H. Dow, Capt. Charles H. Manning, Supt. Elliott C. Lambert, Railroad Commissioner Henry E. Putney, Elwin F. Jones, W. H. Topping.

After lunch, the guests of the day were shown the attractions of NH’s metropolis from the private tolley car, “City of Manchester.”  The ambassadorial party reached Portsmouth on the return at six o’clock.  Gov McLane and Mr. Straw accompanied them to this city





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