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The Bilbiography of resources on the Russo-Japanese War and the Treaty of Portsmouth is posted HERE.

This link offers a detailed list of articles, monographs and books on the topic. Watch for updates, as this bibliography is constantly being updated. 

The key texts used in preparing the historical sections of this site include:

Hendrix, Cmdr. Henry J. "Roosevelt's Back Channel Diplomacy and the Salvaging of the Portsmouth Peace Treaty Negotiations," Theodore Roosevelt Association Journal, Oyster Bay, NY: Theodore Roosevelt Association, Vo. XXVII, No. 1 2005

Hendrix, Cmdr. Henry J. "An Unlikely Location" Naval History, Annapolis MD: US Naval Institute, Vol. 19 No. 4 August 2005

Kajima, Morinosuke. The Diplomacy of Japan 1894-1922, Vol. II: Anglo-Japanese Alliance and Russo-Japanese War, Tokyo: Kajima Institute of International Peace, 1978.

Korostovetz, J.J. Pre-War Diplomacy The Russo-Japanese Problem. London: British Periodicals Limited, 1920.

Nakanishi, Michiko. Heroes & Friends: Behind the Scenes of the Treaty of Portsmouth. Portsmouth NH: Peter E. Randall Publisher, 2005.

Naumann, Marina Grot Turkevich. Blessed Are the Peacemakers: The Service of Thanksgiving for the Portsmouth Treaty, September 5, 1905. Norwich VT: Toad Hall Press, 2005.

Randall, Peter E. There Are No Victors Here: A Local Perspective on the Treaty of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, NH: Portsmouth Marine Society/Peter E. Randall Publisher; 1985, reprinted and revised 2002

And local newspaper accounts from the time. The Portsmouth Public Library has indexed its collection of local newspaper coverage from June 1905 through 1906. For indices, month by month, to the local newspaper headlines, click here.

Click here to link to the Japanese Consular website.

For more information and background on the Treaty of Portsmouth and its context, visit these websites:

Library of Congress, "Meeting of the Frontiers"

The Russo-Japanese War -- www.RussoJapaneseWar.com

Theodore Roosevelt, Sagamore Hill and the work of the Theodore Roosevelt Association

Archival photographs -- SeacoastNH.com

"A Much Recorded War" -- exhibit of lithographs, postcards and photographs from the Russo-Japanese War 1904-05 at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

For information about Portsmouth, visit the Chamber Collaborative of Greater Portsmouth site, or for more information about the New Hampshire Seacoast, places to visit and a Trip Planner, visit the official website of the New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism, VisitNH.gov

For a month's view Calendar, click here.

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